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Place: Avondale Mission District, Lusaka, Zambia

Start: 18:36, 19/02/2016

End: 18:36, 20/02/2016

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In Avondale Mission District, we embrace the opportunity to provide meaningful and vibrant ministry to our community.  We strive to find "new ways of doing old things" in an attempt to address the ills and issues of our day. We desire to be a "Ray of Hope" in our community and the World beyond. Please feel free to visit any of our Churches at any time. The churches are Avondale, Chainda, Chainda West, Chainama, Muluse, NRDC and Silverrest,



Meet the District Leadership

The District Pastor

Name: Pastor Chiyangaya

Cell Number: 0966032344         


 The District Officers For 2013 to 2014


Name: Kelvin Chibomba

Position: District Chairperson/Web Admin. 

Email address:

Cell Number: 0969449449

Name: Marion Maambo

Position: District Secretary
Email address:
Cell Number: 0977440867

Name: Milner Mooba
Position: District Treasurer
Email address:

Cell Number: 0966943689




Website Administrators/Developers

Name:Nakazwe Nampito Chibomba

Position:Assistant Communications Sec


Cell Number:0977774464

Name: Derrick J. Muneene

Email address: 

Cell Number: (+26) 0977-120679

Name: Joe Phiri

Email address:

Cell Number: (+26) 0979-419665